Bangladesh has once again asked the US government to deport Rashed Chowdhury

Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen raised the issue, calling for the deportation of Rashed “without further delay” when American Ambassador Earl Miller met him in Dhaka on Thursday, the ministry said in a statement.

They discussed ways and means to enhance the “excellent” bilateral relations.

Momen and Miller agreed that the “prospect of having closer ties” has enhanced after the assumption of the new US administration led by President Joe Biden, according to the ministry said.

Bangladesh, given its “commendable” socio-economic progress in the last one decade, expects closer support from and collaboration with the US in coming days.

The foreign minister sought more US investment in the economic zones and high tech parks and suggested that the US may consider the ICT sector in Bangladesh as a prioritised area of development.

The preservation of mangrove forest in the Sundarbans and the management of water resources can be other areas where the US can provide technical cooperation. He added that Bangladesh needed technology transfer from the US.

He thanked the US for the continued support on the Rohingya issue and said the repatriation of the refugees to Myanmar remains the priority for Bangladesh.

The US ambassador said Bangladesh is gaining “growing importance” within South Asia due to the socio-economic progress.

He reiterated his country’s appreciation for Bangladesh for the humanitarian undertaking related to the Rohingya crisis, and stated that the US remains as the most vocal on the issue.

The celebrations of the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh and the birth centenary of Bangabandhu are a good occasion to reinvigorate the relations between two countries, Miller said.

He discussed the possibility of the visit of top US officials this year to join the celebration.