Bangladesh Hifazat’s protests against France

The foreign minister also says Hifazat has the right to express its opinion peacefully and that France should have acted with restraint.

“Of course they will express their opinion. We have given this freedom to the entire nation. We just want that no one resorts to violence during demonstrations,” he told reporters on Wednesday.

“People must have the right to freedom of expression, but they should do it without hurting anyone else,” he said.

French President Emanuel Macron’s comments about the killings in terrorist attacks over the prophet’s caricatures have triggered protests in scores of Muslim-majority countries.

In Bangladesh, Muslims have called for boycott of French products. Some organisations have also demanded that the government cut diplomatic ties with France.

On Monday, the police stopped the Islamists’ march to lay a siege to the French embassy in Dhaka.

The protests in Dhaka made international headlines. French politicians have also reacted to the protests.

“What’s the problem if Europe watches these (protests)? People have the right to express their sentiments,” said Momen.

“The government is not provoking anyone. What the government want is no death.

“And we’ve also said that we should act with restraint over sensitive matters,” he added.

Momen also said he has recently sent these messages and condolences over the killings in a letter to his French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian.