Cyclone threat looms in Nov

The Bangladesh Meteorological Department has warned that a depression over the Bay of Bengal could intensify into a cyclone and hit the country this month.
The Met Office issued its monthly outlook for November on Tuesday.

Day and nighttime temperatures are expected to gradually drop over the course of the month, according to the Met Office’s Director Shamsuddin Ahmed. But the average temperature will remain normal.

“There may be a little more rain than usual in November. A couple of depressions may occur in the Bay of Bengal, which could turn into a cyclone,” said Shamsuddin.

Asked about the matter, meteorologist Shahnaz Sultana said that such low-pressure areas usually occur from October to November and these carry the threat of a cyclone.

Last month, Bangladesh experienced more rainfall than it typically does at that time of the year. Between Oct 1 and 20, a low-pressure system had formed over the sea, which subsequently condensed and turned into two depressions.

The low persisted on the first day of November, prompting the Met Office to advise maritime post to hoist cautionary signal No. 3. But the warning was subsequently lowered on Monday.

She also pointed out that the rains have waned over the last few days ahead of the onset of winter.

While nighttime temperatures will continue to drop in November, a mild to moderate cold spell could grip the northern, northeastern and central Bangladesh towards the end of December, according to meteorologists.