Hasina thanks Modi for sending vaccine

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has thanked her Indian counterpart Narendra Modi for sending two million doses of the coronavirus vaccine as a gift amid the pandemic.
Noting that the doses arrived on Thursday, she said joining the opening ceremony of the Dhaka University’s centenary via video call: “I thank the Indian prime minister for this.”

India will begin sending the 30 million doses purchased by Bangladesh on Jan 25 or 26, according to her.

“We’ve made a detailed plan on the vaccination drive."

Hasina, who studied at the university, regretted her inability to join the celebrations in person.

She compared the situation with her days in confinement during the 2007-08 emergency. “It feels like that I am in a large prison now."

“The Dhaka University is not only an institution. It showed us the path in all our achievements,” the prime minister remarked.

She said her government was determined to prevent violence at the universities and create an environment conducive to education.

Hasina emphasised focus on the Fourth Industrial Revolution or 4IR in higher education and hoped the Dhaka University will take the lead in creating manpower for the 4IR.

“The coronavirus have created many obstacles in our lives which we must overcome. We must become a developed country within 2041.

“We are laying a structure for the future generations beyond this period. We may not be alive when the country celebrates 100 years of independence in 2071, but it is my wish that those celebrating that occasion will be doing so in a developed Bangladesh,” she added.