Nine years on, RAB investigating Sagar-Runi killings ‘with importance’

Nine years after the killings of journalist couple Sagar Sarowar and Meherun Runi, the Rapid Action Battalion says it is placing “great importance” on investigations into the case.
The frustrated members of the victims’ family say their hope for justice is fading away.

The journalist couple were killed inside their apartment at Dhaka’s West Razabazar on Feb 10, 2012. Sagar was a news editor at Maasranga Television, and his wife Runi was a senior reporter with ATN Bangla.

The couple’s only child Mahir Sarwar Megh was found in the apartment. The autopsy report said the couple died of wounds inflicted by sharp weapons possibly by amateurs.

Eight suspects were arrested in the case, but the law enforcers have failed to make any headway as five of the arrestees had actually been accused of murder in another case.

The Criminal Investigation Department of Police was first given the responsibility to investigate the case. But, after they had failed to get any leads in two months, the case was transferred to the RAB, which changed the investigator four times.

The fifth investigator of the case, Senior Assistant Superintendent of Police Shafiqul Alam failed to submit the investigation report to the court on the last deadline on Feb 3.

He declined commenting on the investigation.

The RAB has sought time a total of 78 times for the investigation.

Its spokesman Ashique Billah said they were investigating the case with “much importance”.

“It’s a challenging matter for us,” he added.

Journalist groups and the family have been expressing frustrations about the failure to identify the killers in so many years.

The RAB had collected DNA sample of two other people than Sagar and Runi from the scene and a report from a US laboratory confirmed the presence of two suspects at the scene in March 2017.

But the RAB could not identify the suspects. It has interviewed more than 150 people in the investigation.

Spokesman Ashique could not say when they will be able to submit the investigation report.

“I’ve nothing new to say. If it continues like this, the hope for justice will fade away,” said Runi’s brother Nawsher Alam Roman.

“But we still hope that the murderers will be arrested and we will get justice.”

Sagar’s mother Saleha Munir also said she was waiting for justice for his son and daughter-in-law.