Sachin Tendulkar breaks hearts, loses fans in joining #FarmersProtest social media war

“Rahul Dravid was right when he declared that day,” a fan replied to batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar. “I loved you more than Dhoni, but today you have lost a fan and thousands from Punjab and Haryana,” was another. A torrent of similar tweets — accusing Tendulkar of having taken a pro-government stance in the farm bills issue — were made in reply to the Master Blaster’s tweet on the farmers’ protest earlier this week.

The flak was unprecedented for Tendulkar, a cricketing icon who has always chosen to stay away from any political controversy.

On the other end of the spectrum were the likes of Rohit Sharma, whose tweet on the same issue departed from the script in leaving out the hashtag ‘India against Propaganda’ and not alluding to ‘internal affairs’ and ‘external forces’; and Sandeep Sharma whose take on the phrase “internal affairs” was objectionable enough for it to be later deleted.